1. Succot Hadar site (hereinafter - "the Site") owned by the "Sukkot Hadar" company. 052816089 hereinafter - "the Company") serves as a virtual store for the purchase of products and services by the public in Israel. Use of the Site is subject to and conditioned by the consent of the users to these Terms and Conditions.

Use of the site indicates the user's consent to these terms.

The terms of use of the site are formulated in the masculine form for convenience only and refer to men and women alike.

Use of other Web sites belonging to and / or cooperating with the Company, through links and / or shared Web pages, is subject to the provisions of these Articles, as well as to the provisions of their Articles.

How to buy a sukkah and a sukkah for a sukkah
2. The options available for purchasing the products are either through the website or by telephone through the call center, by payment by credit card only.
Purchase through the Site may be made by any person holding a valid credit card issued in Israel or a corporation registered in Israel.
Β The user's order for receipt of services shall be accepted provided that all of the following conditions have been met: (a) approval has been given to execute the transaction from the user's credit company; (B) the requested products are in stock; (C) The user has a personal e-mail box on the Internet, unless the transaction is made by telephone through the call center.

3. The order will be deemed to be approved: in the case of an order in the call center - by receiving a telephone confirmation that the order has been received and subject to the approval of the credit card company.
On the order via the website - upon confirmation of an order, together with an order number, to the user's e-mail, subject to the approval of the credit card company.
The date of receipt of the order will be deemed to be a date recorded on the Company's computers in which the credit card company's approval was given to execute the transaction.

Site Content

4. Items that are accompanied by pictures are offered for sale. The pictures are intended for illustration purposes only.
In spite of the effort invested so that the site, its contents, products and services and the information contained in it will be complete, accurate and up to date, may be found on the site, in good faith, inaccuracies or errors and the Company shall bear no responsibility for them and / or in connection with them.
The Company shall not bear any responsibility for printing errors, description of products, price, payment terms, pictures and any other information regarding the products.

5. In the event of a non-conformity of any kind, between the description of the product and its details and the product actually supplied, the user shall have the right to cancel the transaction, as set out below in these regulations.

The method of sale

6. Regular sale - is the sale of products at a predetermined price until the stock is over.
The user selects a product and makes the purchase according to the site's instructions.
The user may also purchase it by telephone via the Reservations Service Center.

Supply of products

7. The supply of products purchased through the website and / or the telephone through the call center will be executed in exchange for payment of shipping fees, unless stated otherwise explicitly on the site, within the number of business days displayed in the sales body, subject to delays due to factors and / or events that are not under the control of the company or the person responsible The performance of the supply, including strikes and / or strikes, etc.

8. Delivery time refers to business days only (fourteen (fourteen working days per week, not including Fridays, Shabbat holidays and holidays). However, most shipments will be delivered within 96 hours of the order. Please call the call center.

9. Various products may have different delivery dates and the Company does not undertake that all products will be supplied at that time.

10. The regulations of the Shipping Company (or of any other body through which the Company performs the delivery and delivery of the Products or Services) shall apply to any delivery / delivery of a Product through the Site and / or the Call Center and shall bind any user.

11. The Company undertakes to provide only a product that has been fully paid by credit card. Shipping charges can be paid separately or together with payment for the product. In a sale in installments, the Company may charge the shipping fee for the first payment. The supply of the product shall be carried out as is "AS IS".
The purchasers of the site are entitled to receive delivery to the house at an operational price. The offer price of the shipments is as follows:
The cost of shipping the thatch forever or fabric is only 150 shekels.
The cost of sending a regular sukkah includes 2X2, 2X3, 3X3, 3X4, 3X5, 3X6, 4X5, 4X6, 5X5
It is only NIS 150.
The shipment will be delivered to the sidewalk. The Apostle will not raise the Succot or the Sekh in an elevator or stairs.
If a transaction is canceled, the customer will be charged the full price of the shipment as detailed in section 14.

Returns products and cancellations

12. Cancellation of a transaction made through the Website and / or the Telephone Call Center - by written notice to the Company no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the Product, provided that the Product was returned, which was not used by the Purchaser and which was returned in its original packaging, Without damage and / or damage and / or defect and / or spoilage of any kind or type.

13. In case of returning a product or canceling a transaction, not because of a defect in the product subject to the contract or transaction, or because of a discrepancy between the product or service, and the details provided to the user, the company will collect a cancellation fee of up to 5% NIS 100, whichever is lower, plus 2% for clearing.

14. The cost of sending a sukkah is in operation for purchasers of a sukkah. A customer who chooses to cancel a delivery order will be charged the full cost of the shipment and will not receive a refund for the full cost of the shipment;
NIS 150 for Sukkot 2X2, 2X3, 3X3.
NIS 200 for Sukkot 2X4, 2X5, 3X4, 3X5, 3X6.
NIS 300 for Sukkot 4X5, 4X6, 5X5.
As well as a supplement for a remote area or for a quantity according to the order.

Upon cancellation, the customer will return the product to the logistics center. If the customer wishes to return the product by the customer's courier, the shipping cost will be charged according to the returned product.

Customer Service

15. Customer service representatives will be happy to serve users with any questions relating to the purchase process and any other subject in order to facilitate the experience of purchase and make it simple and fast. For further details regarding the site and its activities, please contact the company's customer service
Fax: 072-2606364

Privacy - SSL site security

16. The Company takes the usual precautionary measures in order to preserve, to the extent possible, the confidentiality of the information. Any transfer of a credit card number from the site is done in an encrypted manner, but in the event of cases that are not under its control and / or deriving from force majeure, the Company shall not be responsible for any damage whatsoever, indirect or direct, caused to the user and / or anyone on his behalf with this information will be lost or if Where unauthorized use.

17. The Company may make use of the details provided by the user at the time of registration to the Site and / or when using the Site in order to contact him and update him regarding promotions on the Site and / or regarding additional services offered by the Company or by others with whom the Company .
In addition, the Company may make use of the above information for marketing purposes and / or as part of statistical data that it collects for its use.
The Company shall also be entitled to use such information as part of the data transmitted to a third party, subject to this information not identifying the user by name or identity details.

If the User does not wish to be sent such material by the Company, he shall notify the Company in writing in the following ways
Fax: 072-2606364

18. The Site is offered and displayed in good faith, as is "IS") without any express or implied commitment and / or representation on the part of the Company.
The sole responsibility for the products advertised for purchase on the Site applies to the manufacturers and / or the importers and / or resellers of the products, in accordance with the terms of the warranty and service certificates attached to each product and by law, except for products supplied by the Company and expressly determined that the service and responsibility for them are provided by The company.

The Company shall not and shall not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages and / or any other damages, including, without limitation to the generality of the foregoing, damages for loss of use, data and / or loss of direct or indirect profits Or in any way connected to the use, copying and / or display of the Site, in respect of a delay in the use and / or inability to use the Site and / or the products purchased through it and / or through the Telephone Call Center and / or arising in any other way from the use of the Site, Whether on contract and / or tort basis and / or any other cause.

The Company does not guarantee that the service on the Site and / or the Telephone Service Center will not be interrupted, will be provided in a timely manner, without breaks, will be held safely without errors or will be immune to damage, breakdowns, malfunctions or failures.

19. The Company acts to the extent possible so that the information will be correct and accurate as possible, but notwithstanding the aforesaid, there may be an error and / or inaccuracy in the information and / or the manner of its transfer to the user.

20. The Company shall not be responsible for assembling and / or installing products purchased on the Site and this responsibility shall apply to the User and to his account.
The user will be solely responsible for the maintenance and service required for the product purchased through the website and / or the call center, unless stated otherwise.

21. The Company, including its directors, employees and / or anyone acting on their behalf, shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to the User and / or to any third party in respect of the use and / or reliance on the information and / or in respect of cancellation and / or termination Any of the services offered on the Site, including in respect of disruptions and / or defects in the transmission of the information, whether caused intentionally by any third party or caused by any malfunction.

22. In the event that the Company is unable to meet its obligations and / or supply the Products for any reason, including due to inventory problems, lack of delays or difficulties in supply, etc., or due to circumstances of force majeure and / or circumstances arising from factors or events that are not under its control Of the Company, then, other than crediting the user's account with the amount of the charge (if charged), in the event that the product is not supplied to him, the Company shall bear no additional liability of any kind whatsoever.

Intellectual property

23. Copyright, patent rights, trade secrets, rights of ownership of information including distribution rights and any other intellectual property in the information are owned by the company and the user shall have no right of any kind in the information.

24. No copy, duplication, publication or other use of the content appearing on the Site may be copied, reproduced, published or otherwise approved by the Company, in writing and in advance.

Various rights of the company

25. The Company may include commercial content on the Site, including advertisements, banners, ads, pop-up ads, digital files, links and search results. The Company may make changes to the Site, including discontinuing the provision of services, downloading from the Site various publications and deleting publications without saving backups, at its discretion and without prior notice or consent from the User.

26. The Company may immediately restrict or block the information to a user, temporarily or permanently, if the user has used the information contrary to the requirements of any law and / or in violation of these regulations or any other reasonable cause.
The Company may give the User's personal details to authorized authorities or to third parties, if at its discretion, the circumstances so require.

Additional Terms

27. The Company reserves the right to change the instructions and rules of use of the Site from time to time, at its sole discretion.
Any such change shall require the participants within 14 days of its publication on the site or within 14 days from the date of sending a message to the user's e-mail address.

28. The presentation of exhibits on this website does not constitute an expression of an opinion regarding the nature, quality or quality of the products by the Company.

29. The Company's computer records regarding the actions taken through the Website and the Telephone Order Center shall constitute prima facie evidence of the correctness of the actions.

30. The sole jurisdiction in any matter and dispute in respect of the Site, including the services on the Site, shall be the competent court in Tel Aviv, which shall hear the matter in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.
The user agrees that there will be no application to the provisions and / or rules of conflict of international law, and therefore, in any event, no judicial hearing will take place outside the borders of the State of Israel.

31. Limitation. In accordance with Article 19 of the Statute of Limitations, 5718-1958, and a separate written contract, an agreed limitation period of six (six) months from the date intended for the actual delivery of the product and / or its supply is agreed upon as the final date on which the user may refer to the Company Any claim and / or demand and / or claim.

The User undertakes not to refer to the Company any claim and / or demand and / or claim after the agreed limitation period.
The action of the user contrary to the Company's undertaking and / or reference to the user's actions, if any, shall not derogate from the statute of limitations of the Company. It is agreed that the provisions of this section will prevail over any other provision of law.

32. Interpretation. The user agrees that the wording of these regulations should not be construed in a restrictive manner against the Company, in light of the rapid changes in the Internet and the Company's reliance on these regulations.
Any rights not explicitly granted to the user are reserved to the Company.

33. If it is determined that any provision of the articles of association is devoid of legal validity and / or unenforceable, the article shall be deemed to have been replaced by a legal and enforceable clause, the content of which is closest to the intent of the original section.

34. Any waiver, delay, extension or relief by the Company towards the User shall not constitute a precedent, shall not act against the Company and shall not be considered a waiver of its rights under the Rules, except in the case of an explicit waiver that specifically refers in writing to the Regulations.

35. These Regulations shall apply to the benefit of the Company and those acting on its behalf and / or on its behalf.
The Company may transfer and / or modify these Articles and / or the rights and / or obligations included and / or arising therefrom, in whole or in part, to an individual, corporation or any legal legal entity, including a parent company, a subsidiary, By way of transfer, sale, purchase, merger, split, consolidation and more, without the need to obtain user consent.

36. The user is aware that the regulations will be updated from time to time, and he undertakes to read the updated regulations and act accordingly.

The User declares that he has read the Terms of Use, understood it and its terms, and agrees to them and is aware that the responsibility of the Site Owner and / or its operators and / or any of them and / or on their behalf is subject to the terms of the said Regulations